Ford Transit Adventure Van’s

Pinnacle Campers model is based on building vans to sell vs. an upfitter model where you bring us a van and we build what you want. We feel that to many compromises result from “off the hip” layouts and prefer to stay within what we already know to fit our search criteria:

durable, modern, functional, practical, efficient, lightweight….

We build exclusively on the Ford Transit chassis, specifically with the ecoboost v6/AWD combination. There really are only two options when it come down to AWD van chassis. We chose the one with more available service around the country. The ecoboost gas motors require less maintenance and tend to be have less problematic emissions systems. Above all it is a desire to have a primary focus on one platform to build off of.

functional, practical, economical,

One of Pinnacle Campers exclusive interior features are the textured epoxy cabinets. We found from years of homebuilding and remodeling that the kitchen cabinets get more abuse than anything else in the house, couple that with what could be a general lack of climate control, and the problem is worse. Our cabinet corners stand up to abuse from pets, ski boots, bike pedals, firewood, etc.

waterproof, durable, practical, modern,

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