The Journey Begins

Its hard telling when the journey began…..


I think it was around 2006 when I started dreaming about a vehicle, other than my current pick up truck for work and play.  I wanted more space and to not have to crawl around on my knees in the bed to retrieve gear that inevitably had all slid forward against the bulkhead.

I started looking at the available vans and found right away that a van with 4×4 was difficult to find. Most (all?) were not available with 4×4 as a factory option. Doing more research into the companies that offered aftermarket 4×4 just raised more questions.

I ended up buying a 2006 Ford E350 2wd van. I converted the van to 4×4 myself using F series truck axles. This resulted in a “lifted” van as the clearance for the front axle requires the van to be higher than stock. The nice thing is the wider stance and the leaf spring suspension (99-2004 F250) with upgraded leaf springs handles far better than the stock E350 van.

Over the course of the next few years the rest of the van was converted to quite the adventure camper. The attention the van had gotten over those years has led to numerous opportunities to build and work on other vans.

Our relationship with Trekkervans has led to the conversion of numerous vans that get used rigorously year after year. Our experience in this use segment has taught us many things about durability, and the benefits of simplicity.

So THIS part of the  journey begins with Pinnacle Campers

We will begin 2020 with the upfit of a new Ford Transit AWD cargo van. This van will include a Pinnacle Campers proprietary layout and interior build. This layout will be functional, practical, durable and economical.

Our new “hybrid modular” system of our furniture packages will allow for some phased build outs or for the DIY van folks, “kits to ship” in many configurations.

Our system also allows for considerably less overall build time of our customers vans. The result, happier customers, because they are out enjoying their investment sooner and not agonizing at home over the 4-6 month wait at our competitors.

More information soon to come.

It’s going to be another great journey.


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