2020 Ford Transit AWD pictures

We recently took delivery of our 2020 Ford Transit. Here are some “as delivered” pictures and commentary before it goes under the knife.

windowsticker20IMG_1925IMG_1926IMG_1927IMG_1928Ah the chrome grill. I wanted the black grill, as I should I didn’t get the “exterior upgrade package” which includes the chrome grill. Yet when you get fog lights, my fogs came “included” with rear park sense, you get upgraded to a chrome grill. Luckily Matt Ford ordered a black grill to see if it fits and I purchased it at a great price. Anyone looking for a chrome grill?IMG_1931Exhaust tip takes a turn and exits the side. Previous years dumped the exhaust underneath.

IMG_1932IMG_1933IMG_1934IMG_1935IMG_1936IMG_1937The large offset “dually singles” are a bit goofy im my opinion. This allows Ford to use the same axles on dual rear wheel models and single rear wheel models at least for the AWD drivetrains.

It will likely result in an even smaller aftermarket wheel segment than the previous models.

IMG_1938IMG_1939IMG_1940IMG_1941IMG_1942IMG_1943IMG_1944IMG_1946IMG_1947IMG_1948IMG_1949IMG_1950IMG_1951IMG_1953New cover over the bulge on the passenger side but not on the driver side.

IMG_1954The updated dash and the darker colored door panels are a much appreciated  improvement over the previous models.

IMG_1955IMG_1956Fog light button is left side of light cluster.


IMG_1958IMG_1959IMG_1960IMG_1961IMG_1962IMG_1963IMG_1964IMG_1966IMG_1967New interior light switch at the back doors. On the driver side coincidentally….you open two doors to get to it….

IMG_1968IMG_1969IMG_1970IMG_1971IMG_1972IMG_1973IMG_1974The gaps between the foam blobs and the headliner seem bigger than before with an even better view of the airbags.IMG_1975IMG_1976IMG_1977IMG_1978

The jack is now integral to the tool kit. What a revelation, its no longer twice as big and either under the passenger seat on cargo vans or just bolted to a wall in back like on previous passenger vans.IMG_1979IMG_1980IMG_1981IMG_1982IMG_1983IMG_1984IMG_1985IMG_1986IMG_1987IMG_1988IMG_1989IMG_1990IMG_1991IMG_1992I think this light is new.

IMG_1993New CCP has 175 and 60 amp posts!

IMG_1994IMG_1995IMG_1996IMG_1997So there is an actual steering shaft still.

IMG_1998IMG_1999IMG_2001IMG_2002IMG_2003IMG_2004IMG_2005IMG_2006IMG_2007IMG_2008IMG_2010IMG_2011IMG_2012IMG_2013IMG_2014IMG_2016IMG_2017IMG_2018IMG_2019IMG_2020IMG_2021IMG_2022IMG_2023IMG_2024IMG_2025IMG_2026IMG_2027IMG_2028IMG_202931 gallon extended range tank.IMG_2030IMG_2031IMG_2032IMG_2034IMG_2035IMG_2037IMG_2038IMG_2039IMG_2040IMG_2041IMG_2042IMG_2043IMG_2045IMG_2046IMG_2047IMG_2048IMG_2049IMG_2050IMG_2051IMG_2052IMG_2053IMG_2054IMG_2056IMG_2057IMG_2058IMG_2059IMG_2060IMG_2061IMG_2062IMG_2063IMG_2064IMG_2065IMG_2066IMG_2067IMG_2068IMG_2069IMG_2070IMG_2071IMG_2075The shark fin, modem antenna.IMG_2076

Taking the ecoboost up and down through the gears (video below). Watch the center/top of the instrument cluster for the gear indicator of the 10 speed. This comes up with a tap of the left side shifter minus button. You can continue to tap it to eliminate or skip gears. The transmission will skip gears on its own also.

It has a great down shifting program. Similar to the E-series 5R110 transmission in tow/haul.

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