COVID-19 and the “Year of the Van”

First of all our over whelming gratitude goes out to all of the health care workers on the “front lines” or not, who expose themselves in order to care for our families and friends.
We have been sheltering in place and following the current CDC guidelines as many of you are around the country.
As we bounce up and down behind our front gates waiting to be released from our state shelter in place orders there is a looming uncertainty of how vulnerable we really are to the virus long term. Because of that we believe its going to be a perfect year for “domestic only” travel and limiting our exposure to airports, hotels, restaurants, public restrooms and public transportation in general by traveling via camper van.
A self contained camper van means you can have nearly all the luxuries of home (or hotel?) with you in a package that still fits in a standard parking stall. This allows travelers to control the cleanliness of their personal space, and avoid exposure to others who may be shedding the virus.

Take a look at this MSN Money article on exactly this topic.
Often our camper vans come equipped with 200 amp hour house battery capacity and enough solar to keep a refrigerator and ceiling fan running hassle free and quiet.
We offer interior air heaters that sip fuel from the vans on board fuel tank eliminating the need to acquire a separate fuel which increases exposure.
Some vans include fresh water systems which feature removable water tanks. Having the tanks removable from the vehicle allows for easy cleaning/sanitizing, refilling and replacement vs. underfloor tanks typically found in RV’s and motorhomes.


One of our camper van rental clients is even working on setting up their vans to offer as a quarantine area for household members who have contracted the virus and need to be isolated yet stay nearby.
We have so many great places visit right here in the US that even the well seasoned traveler should be able to find worthy destinations. Besides, a rugged “off the road” capable 2WD or AWD camper van will get travelers off the beaten path and closer to nature, which I think we all need right now.
If this type of travel is of interest to you there is still time and availability to get into a camper van this summer. We have 2 vans in stock, one is For Sale and the other one is nearly completed as of this posting. Either can be modified to suit your needs.
We can also convert your van to suit. Let us know, What can we build for you?



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